Guest Reviews

"This house was so perfect for us. I wanted to watch the city and feel the energy but not be caught up in the heat and the movement. I was able to write and think from a different perspective. The sounds of the birds and the smells and colors of the neighbourhood left me wanting more." - Kathy Langmann (43, Vancouver, Canada)

"Kris and Jo were so easy and welcoming. We so enjoyed the easy breakfast of fresh fruits, strong coffee, bread & cheeses while the city warmed up. Santa Teresa was exactly what we were looking for - full of good restaurants, street music and local flavour." - Elizabeth Hills (35, Revelstoke, Canada)

"Probably the best view in Santa Teresa & the warmest welcome in Rio! Wouldn't want to be anywhere else for our first visit here. Your house is a dream. We'll be back...". (Veronica Czajkowska, Geneva, Switzerland)

"What a place! What a view! Such welcoming reception. Jo & Kris, you are such wonderful beings. Thank you so much for the food, the stories, the advice. You're awesome hosts and we love your home!" (Sam Luck, Brighton, UK.)

"Amazing hospitality, amazing views, the real Rio!... if you want to experience the real side of Rio you have to be in St Teresa... go to the beach during the day, lunch at the Sugar Loaf, jog in Botafogo but the evenings are for St Teresa, experience it best when you stay with Josephine and Krishopher at Casa Dois Irmáos!" (48, Pete Toms, Manchester, UK)

"Love this place! Both Jo and Kris know all about Rio and Brazilian culture. They are great hosts and make you feel at home. The view, the conversations, the food, the wine, the coyness and all the rest..." (38, Luciana de Lamare, Lisboa, Portugal)

"We are so thankful to have found this beautiful home with a breathtaking view. Thank you for your kindness, it will be a magical memory for us." (Carol & Clément, Brussels, Belgium