Casa Dois Irmáos literally means home of 2 siblings. This is me in front of the  iconic Dois Irmáos, the two peaks
seen in many a surf side, arms held high, “I’m on Ipanema Beach” photo. The name made sense for us and we began a new chapter after life had thrown us each a few knocks. 

Kris had been putting money aside his whole life in order to buy a home one day and taking a chance with real estate he bought this rundown place in an undesirable, under-served, dangerous part of the city - with a breathtaking view - the old Portuguese bohemian neighbourhood of Santa Teresa. 

An inventor since birth he began pulling down walls and dreaming of elevators and waterslides and fish tank walls…unfortunately the size of the bank account isn’t quite the size of the dreams. So we find creative ways to develop the space into a comfortable, practical, whimsical perhaps, style which I will call ‘santa chique’

Times have changed and we now find that same dilapidated neighbourhood in a magical & very desirable part of the city. The house and the neighborhood have been reformed and are now filled with life and love and visitors. 

We watch the sun rise each morning beside the Sugarloaf Mountain, warming up the cityscape and by the afternoon shadows descend and fresh mountain winds liberate us from the urban heat.

Cyclists pass daily heading either to Christ the Redeemer statue or into Tijuca National Park. At night the city pulses with music and lights and the moon glitters off the ocean.

We are happy to answer questions and help you plan your time in this amazing city.

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Kristopher & Josephine Jennings-Bramly