About us. bio pic.

My brother and I have a similar dream. 
We have been working together for 3 years to create a space to converse and laugh & explore.

Kris came to Brazil for the first time at 18 in 1993 and worked at a small airport in Bahia. He learned Portuguese out of sheer necessity and has lived through the massive changes Rio has seen in the last 20 years.

I arrived 4 years ago, receptive to what life had to throw at me next after quiting my job, and letting go of my husband of 12 years. I fell for this country with all I had. The music, the color, the heat, the expression, the language, the food, the culture – I had a dangerous combination of bravery and curiosity and it threw me around mentally and emotionally. 

Growing up on Vancouver Island in Canada, our British/Brazilian parents planted seeds of curiosity in us about this massive, well-endowed and ethnically diverse country. After years of travel and corporate commitments we began to work together towards developing a space that could support our creative and financial needs.

And with that, we welcome you into our home and hope to help you explore
the curious and
creative side of this city, and of yourself.

We are happy to answer questions and help you plan your time in this amazing city.


Kristopher & Josephine Jennings-Bramly